Tips For Avoiding Problems With Your Drains

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Your drains may be one part of your home that you rarely think about. However, the drains will be subjected to intense use that could lead to the drain becoming clogged or suffering a number of other issues. Protecting your home against these disruptions will require understanding the steps that must be followed to find and address these issues before they lead to serious problems:

Regularly Clean The Drain To Remove Odors

If you do not regularly clean your drains, you will find that extremely unpleasant odors will start to emanate from the drain. Cleaning the drains will be a fairly simple process as you can use apple cider vinegar to help neutralize these unpleasant odors. Soaking a sponge in this vinegar and using it to scrub the grate or protective cap of the drain can greatly reduce the odors from bacteria and other substances that are on these surfaces. On the interior of the drain, an organic residue can start to accumulate and decompose, which can also lead to powerful odors. You can heat a pot of water to flush the drain so that these odors are reduced. Furthermore, you can pour diluted apple cider vinegar down the drain to address any remnant odors.

Inspect The Area Under The Drain For Leaks

When it concerns the drains in a home, it can be easy to focus most of your attention on the problems of foul odors and clogs. However, leaks can be another issue that can develop with your drains. These leaks can develop due to the seals and gaskets in the drain failing. Also, corrosion can allow small holes to form that can allow water to escape. Unfortunately, if you rarely check for this problem, you may not notice that a leak has developed until rot, mold and other serious problems have developed. Every couple of weeks, you should perform a quick visual inspection under the drains so that you can find these leaks as soon as possible.

Understand The Safest Options For Removing Clogs From The Drain

Clogs are an extremely routine issue for any type of drain. However, homeowners may attempt to remove these clogs through the use of chemical based solutions. These substances may corrode the metal in the drains and pipes, and it can even gradually melt plastic components. Once these damages have occurred, the compromised components will have to be replaced. Using a drain snake or plunger can be an effective way of clearing the clog without damaging the pipes.

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