Putting A Fresh Face On An Old Front Door

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Your front door and entry doors are the first thing a person sees when they enter your home. Even though your front door or your entry doors might look out of fashion or a little beat up, sometimes putting a fresh face on your existing doors is the most cost-effective and versatile option available.

Here some of the ways that an experienced front and entry door contractor can revamp your existing front and/or entry doors.


One reason why it's often your best option to refinish your existing doors is that your contractor won't need to find or fabricate new doors to fit your home. This is particularly true of older homes with atypical or custom entry doors.

Clean them up: the first step to restoring your existing doors is to clean them up. Your entry door contractor will carefully remove your doors and attempt to make them a blank canvas to work with. This can mean power washing, sanding, stripping, and removing the existing glass and hardware. Once the door has been cleaned up, you can explore how your design ideas can be incorporated into your existing doors.

Getting the Right Look

It's important to make sure your front and entry doors mesh with your home's aesthetic.

Craftsman: if you're home's aesthetic strikes craftsman-style look, you'll want your front door to have an understated elegance. Having your entry door and front door contractor integrate simple woodworking accents like beveled panels and clean lines can give your doors a craftsman-style flare. Additionally, choosing to sand, stain, and seal your doors helps create the wood accents that often characterize the craftsman-style.

Rustic: similar to the craftsman-style aesthetic, rustic-style front and entry door designs help give your home a historical and classic feel. In addition to keeping the design simple, you'll also need dark, almost austere hardware to complete the look. Because most rustic-style doors have minimal glass components, your contractor can often complete the job efficiently, which can save on labor costs.

Chic: a catchall term for a melding of classic and modern design features, chic-style front and entry doors are characterized by contrasting color schemes, intricate patterns, and unique glass features. When settling on the right chic-style design, it's important to think about future projects you have planned for your home. For instance, if you're going to repaint your home or significantly update your landscaping, your chic-style door will need to fit into the aesthetic. Make sure you discuss all of your options with your front door and entry contractor. They can show you a variety of design schemes that will work with your existing doors and your future plans for your home.

Adding Smart Tech

Today's smart homes demand equally smart front and entry doors. Your licensed front and entry door contractor can help make even the oldest door tech-friendly.

Digital Locks: keyless entries are becoming more popular. Your front and entry door contractor can outfit your revamped doors with locks that can be opened via a passcode, smartphones, and even thumbprints. Additionally, these smart locks can be integrated into your smart home and security system to help you monitor every time the door opens, closes, or is left ajar.

Smart Peepholes: now, more than ever, we rely on delivery services. To prevent porch pirates from walking off with packages delivered to your home, you can have your front and entry door contractor install a smart peephole to provide a live video feed, delivery notifications, and/or signs that someone has approached your front door. In many cases, adding a smart peephole can even lower your monthly homeowner's or renter's insurance premiums.

To learn more about your front door options, contact a contractor.

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