Factors Contributing To Roof Installation Cost

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As a homeowner, a new roof installation is one of the most significant home improvement projects you'll face. Not only is a new roof installation a major renovation, but it's also a substantial financial investment. You may be wondering about what contributes to the costs of your new roof. Here's a look at some of the most significant factors that will affect your roof installation costs. 

Roof Dimensions

Your roof dimensions, which include the total square footage of the roof as well as any unique features or added corners, will directly affect the cost of your roof installation. The greater the square footage of the roof, the more materials will be needed. 

Additionally, the larger the square footage of the roof, the more labor hours will be required for the job. The more labor hours are involved, the greater your labor costs in the estimate. Your roofing contractor can help you understand what features of your roof design are affecting the cost of your estimate so that you can adjust it if necessary.

Material Costs

The roofing material you select will also affect the cost of your roofing installation. Some materials, such as stone or slate tiles, will cost more than materials such as asphalt shingles. Your roofing installation contractor can review your material options and the cost of each of those materials to help you determine which one best fits your budget.

You'll need to balance your available budget with your durability and installation needs when you're selecting your roofing material. Narrow down your top few choices, and have your roofing contractor help you determine which one is the best fit based on your needs.

Roofing Slope

The slope of your roof will also contribute to your installation costs. Flat roofs are less expensive to install because they are easier to work on. Roofing with a slope puts the contractors at greater risk and can be more difficult to install because of the slope.

Labor Rates

Each part of the country has its own prevailing labor rates based on the local cost of living and demand. This is one aspect of your roofing installation that's difficult for you to affect because you can't alter the labor rates associated with the installation.

These are some of the most significant factors that directly affect the cost of your roofing installation. Talk with your roofing contractor for more details and to better understand the installation quote provided to you.

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