How To Easily Get Your New Glass Shower Doors To Stay Clean

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If you just got glass shower doors installed, you might want to know how to keep them looking sparkling clean all the time. It will not require that much effort, but you will need to have a few items available to use on your glass shower doors to keep the streaks and smudges away.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Wipe away any dirt or smudges that appear on your glass shower doors with a microfiber cloth. The cloth effectively wipes away grime without causing scratches to develop on the glass doors. Keeping the glass scratch-free is essential, especially after you have invested money into getting these glass shower doors installed, so avoid using any other towels.

Gently Wipe Clean With Dish Detergent

You do not need superior cleaning products to get your glass shower doors to sparkle. Instead, use a bottle of your favorite dish detergent. You can pour soap on the glass shower doors from top to bottom and then begin wiping it into the glass with a damp microfiber cloth. Allow the soap to sit on the glass doors for at least 10 minutes before you rinse it off.

Rinse the Soap Away With Your Showerhead or a Cup Full of Water

After your soap sits for a bit, you can rinse it off using the showerhead. If you do not have an adjustable shower head that you can remove, fill a large cup with water and pour it over your glass shower doors until you have gotten rid of all the soap. You should not leave the glass shower doors with water on them. You can take a separate microfiber cloth that is completely dry and use it to wipe away all the extra water from the glass doors, leaving the doors streak-free and shiny.

Apply a Coating to the Shower Doors

When you want to take an extra step to keep the shower doors looking their absolute best, you can apply a coating that keeps the grime to a minimum. Several brands offer glass-coating sprays that can become a must-have in your bathroom.

Maintain the condition of your new glass shower doors by completing a simple yet thorough cleaning process. If you have a few microfiber cloths and some dish soap, you can clean your shower doors and keep them free of hard water stains, streaks, and other unwanted marks. Cleaning glass shower doors only takes a few minutes and is much simpler than cleaning a shower curtain.

To learn more about taking care of glass shower doors, contact a supplier.

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