3 Ways to Use Temporary Fence Panels to Control the Crowd at Your Event

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If you're organizing an event, you have many things to consider, including how you'll enclose the area and control the crowd. A good solution is to use temporary fence panels. You can buy temporary fence panels made of different materials, but chain link panels are a good choice to consider. Here are three ideas for how to use them.

1. Surround the Perimeter with Fence Panels

If your event is in an open field, you may want to surround the area with temporary fence panels to route people toward the entrance gate and to keep out people trying to sneak in without paying. You can connect as many fence panels together as you like to create as much fencing as you need.

A temporary fence panel is made just like a traditional chain link fence, except the fence isn't driven in the ground. Instead, the end poles slide down on short poles on flat stands to hold the fence upright. The stands can then be weighed down with heavy blocks. Two panels share a stand so the fence panels connect together.

If you need the fence to keep people out, you may also want toppers that keep people from climbing over the fence. However, the presence of the fence and the fact that many people will be in attendance may be enough to deter people from trying to climb over the fence to get in free.

2. Create Queues with the Panels

If you need to move people toward an entry gate or to a pay window, you can create queues with temporary fence panels. This helps people know where to go, and the panels also help with crowd control. You can move the panels around when the size of the line changes so your guests have the best experience. You may want to weigh the temporary panels down with sandbags so they don't get moved out of position when they're bumped, but you may not need to weigh the panels down at all, and that saves on the cost of sandbags.

3. Close Off Areas You Want to Keep Private

There may be areas of the grounds you want to keep private, such as the back of a kitchen area, or a dressing room area for the staff. You can use temporary fence panels for this purpose, even if you just need to use a single panel to block an entrance. You can also close off booths or attractions with temporary panels and then move the panels away when the booth opens. A good thing about the panels is that they are easy to move around, especially when you move them one panel at a time.

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