Add These Supplies To Increase The Functionality Of Your Dock

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Adding a dock to your waterfront property is an exciting project as it will provide a space that your family will likely use countless times in the years ahead. If you're building the dock yourself, it's important to realize that the project isn't complete until you install a variety of supplies that can improve the functionality of this structure. You'll come across a number of supplies that you can buy and easily install yourself and that you'll use frequently when you're using your dock. Here are some supplies that will come in handy.


If you envision securing a boat to the side of your dock, you'll definitely need some cleats. This useful product serves as a sturdy device to which you can secure a boat's mooring ropes. There are all sorts of cleats on the market. Some cleats fold down, which is handy because this makes them less of a tripping risk. You can buy cleats in many finishes, including stainless steel, various colors of paint, and more. Cleats are easy to install—generally, they come with mounting screws, which means that all you'll need is a screwdriver to complete the installation.

Boarding Platform

Another supply to think about buying for your dock is a boarding platform. When a boat is moored to the side of the dock, its upper edge can be several inches above or below the surface of the dock. This can occasionally make getting into the vessel a challenge for those who struggle with mobility, such as elderly family members. Boarding platforms are available in many styles, so you'll need to buy the right style and size to complement your family's boat. This device essentially provides a short ramp or a step or two that will allow people to board boats more easily.

Boat Lift

Adding a boat lift to your dock is a larger project than installing the above two products, but it can dramatically increase the functionality of this structure. There are lots of reasons that you might want to lift your boat out of the water, including doing so at the end of the season, performing repairs, washing the hull, and more. Getting a boat out of the water can be a considerable challenge without a boat lift, but the presence of this equipment will make it quick and easy for you to lift your boat when needed.

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