Paving The Driveway Of Your Home With Asphalt

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If your driveway is not paved, your property can suffer excessive erosion and other complications as a result. Paving it can be an affordable upgrade that will prevent these problems while also improve the functionality of the property and its value. Asphalt is a popular material for any surfaces that will support automobiles.

Can Asphalt Be Used On Surfaces With An Incline?

There are many properties that will have a driveway that is on an incline. While it is easy to assume that these surfaces will be extremely difficult to pave, asphalt can easily accommodate surfaces with surprisingly steep inclines. This is due to the fact that the asphalt can harden relatively quickly so that it will only need to be held in place for a shorter period of time. In contrast, concrete will have to be held in place for many hours before it is hard enough to retain its shape on its own. However, there are limits to the inclines that can be paved with asphalt, and if your property has an extremely steep incline for part or all of the driveway, you may want to have a professional assess it first.

How Do You Keep The Asphalt Black Over The Years?

A homeowner that chooses asphalt for their driveway may have done so partly as a result of the rich black color that the asphalt will have. Unfortunately, these homeowners may not realize that it can be possible for this color to fade if they do not take care of it. In particular, the asphalt will have to be sealed with a coating that is capable of blocking ultraviolet light from breaking down the pigments that give the asphalt this color. Without one of these coatings, the black color of the asphalt may start to degrade in as little as a few months.

Is It Normal For Asphalt To Soften During The Hotter Days Of The Year?

If you live in an area that can experience extremely intense temperature during the summer months, there is a chance that your asphalt may soften a bit during these times. While this is a normal side effect of asphalt being heated to extremely high temperatures, you will want to avoid parking cars on it the heated part of the asphalt if possible. This will limit the risk of depressions forming on the asphalt as a result of the weight of the car pressing on the surface.

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