2 Reasons Why Dredging Is Vital For Your Near-Shore Construction Project

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If you are planning to build any type of structure along the shore of a body of water for the first time, you may be wondering what needs to be done with the soil and sediment that lays on the floor underwater. Dredging is one of the first tasks that needs to be performed before you start construction for the reasons discussed below.

1.  Removes Unstable Sediment to Secure a Stable Foundation for Your Structure

One reason why you should dredge the underwater floor before you start your near-shore construction project is that it helps to remove unstable sediment. If you simply begin building on the floor of the lake, river, or ocean, you will most likely not have a solid, stable foundation on which the structure will rest.

Even in smaller bodies of water, the currents will shift the soil and sediment around the floor. This can create pockets of air that could collapse once you start placing the foundation or any other supporting structure of your building project. If this happens, your structure will shift and could fall into the water.

If you have the sediment and soil dredged beforehand, however, they are laid out evenly while removing any air pockets or any other debris that could interfere with the stability of your structure.

2.  Creates Channels That Ensure the Passage of Underwater Equipment

Another reason why dredging the area around your building project is important is that it helps make way for the passage of underwater equipment or boats carrying materials. If you do not have the proper channels created, the equipment may not be in alignment with the building to ensure a steady flow of operation.

Also, especially if you do plan on using boats to carry materials, manpower, or equipment, you need to make sure that there is enough clearance for the vessels. While the floor is being dredged, the contractor can take your equipment's specifications to ensure that correctly sized channels are created.

When you build any type of structure underwater and near a shoreline, making sure that the body of water's floor is dredged ensures that the foundation for the structure is solid, and it allows for the passage and usage of underwater equipment. Before you begin building the structure, contact a contractor who offers construction site dredging to discuss your upcoming project so that they can help you decide what needs to be done beforehand.

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