Truss Roof Designs To Create Contemporary Architectural Details For New Custom Homes

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Today, roof designs can provide a variety of architectural features for new custom homes. They can create rooftop space and contemporary design elements that will make your home more modern. Therefore, when designing a new custom home, you want to consider the options that trusses can provide. The following truss roof design information will help you add contemporary design elements to your home:

Roof Trusses to Support the Weight of Green Space

One of the first modern architecture designs that you may want to consider is rooftop green space. Today, green space on your roof can be a great way to improve the efficiency of your home and add outdoor spaces to the design. There are some elements to consider for trusses that will support this type of architecture, including:

  • Engineered lumber to support load-bearing points
  • Heavier truss designs to support the weight of green space
  • Extra trusses to support design elements for rooftop landscaping

The trusses that support rooftop green space are ideal for this type of architecture. This is because they can be engineered to support the extra weight of roofing, soil, and plants that will be installed on the rooftop of your home.

Flat Roof Designs to Add Modern Features

Another option to consider for the design of your contemporary home is a flat roof. Today, trusses provide many benefits for flat roof designs. Some of the benefits of using these roof systems include:

  • Simple designs for an affordable contemporary roof
  • Lightweight construction that reduces construction costs
  • Options for modern roofing materials for efficient designs

The trusses will provide a lightweight structural design that can help keep the costs low. They also allow for modern features like a roofing membrane of a cool roof design, which is ideal for warmer climates.

Clerestory Roof Trusses for Energy Design Features

You may also want to have a contemporary home with passive energy features. Some of the design features that can provide your home with a passive energy solution include a clerestory roof. This is a roof design that has windows above the ceiling height. The clerestory roof can be designed with trusses and include features like windows for natural light. The windows can also provide ventilation for passive cooling during the summer months. If the windows face the right direction, the natural light from sunlight will also provide your home with passive heating.

Roof Trusses with Integrated Custom Ceiling Designs

There are also a lot of options to add custom ceilings to the design of the roof trusses. Since these features often take time to be custom-built by a carpenter, adding them to the truss design can save time and money. They can include vaults, tray ceilings, and custom design elements like planter shelves.

The architectural features that can be added to your home with custom-designed trusses give you more options. Contact a company like Campbell Truss Company Inc to learn more about your options.

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