5 Kitchen Island Ideas That Sound Great But Could Be Trouble

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The addition of an island to a kitchen renovation can be a great idea. But it can also cause unexpected problems if you're not careful. How can you avoid this? Here are five ideas that sound great but you may want to reconsider. 

1. Squeezing In an Island

First, consider whether or not your kitchen area can actually support an island. A well-placed island can make a large kitchen more useful and comfortable. But an island in too narrow or short of a space will make it feel cramped and make maneuvering difficult. Consider other solutions with an open mind. 

2. Building a Large Island

A big island sounds like a great way to add workspace or room for some appliances. But an island whose size gets away from you can be a problem. It may actually become less useful and less accessible as you can't functionally use the center or distant ends. And you may have trouble finding the materials to fit a large counter. A second island or an added peninsula could solve your problem.

3. Adding a Lot of Seating

Sitting around an island while someone prepares a meal is a great way to catch up or entertain your guests. But don't overdo it with stools. These can take away from the needed workspace, make the island impractical, and become uncomfortably close if you try to get too many into a standard island. Look for other seating solutions instead. 

4. Placing the Stove In It

One complaint about islands is often that they interrupt the flow of the kitchen work triangle. Some homeowners solve this by putting the stove in the island. This also allows them to face outward when cooking. However, in reality, this may not be as fun as you think. After all, many cooks actually stand over their cooktops only intermittently. And if you aren't using it as expected, you have wasted the counter space you might have had. 

5. Copying Someone Else's Island

Islands gained popularity as they proliferated in magazines, on television, and in glossy internet photos of glamorous makeovers. But each island should be customized to the actual needs and style of each kitchen and its homeowners. The islands you see on TV look great, but they may not be practical — or even enjoyable — for you. Instead of falling in love with someone else's island, design one of your own. 

Where to Start

Want more tips for avoiding problems when planning your island? Start by meeting with a custom kitchen remodeling service in your area today. Together, you can design and execute the perfect addition no matter what your kitchen needs. 

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