Consider Wood Flooring To Replace Your Existing Carpet? Important Benefits You May See From Making This Upgrade

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Carpeted floors, whether a single variety is installed wall-to-wall throughout the home or different styles and colors are used in many rooms, have been the flooring of choice over the past several decades. Increasingly, however, homeowners, homebuyers, and residential building contractors are moving away from carpeting in favor of hard surface flooring. 

While hard surface flooring choices can also include many different types of tiles, vinyl, and laminates, wood flooring is currently a favorite throughout the residential flooring industry. If you are interested in replacing your home's existing carpet with wood flooring, here are some important benefits you may experience. 

Ease of care

If you have ever spent time on your knees with blotting cloths and stain removers in an attempt to remove your toddler's grape juice stain from the living room carpet, then you already know how difficult it can be to keep carpeting looking clean and fresh. While wood floors can be subject to staining, most spills can be easily absorbed with a quick swipe of a soft cloth or paper towel without leaving permanent damage. 

Regular cleaning is also easier in homes with wood flooring, instead of carpeting. Homeowners can choose to use a standard dust mop, with an occasional damp sponge mop, or opt to use one of the newer cleaning tools that use disposable pads to provide fast, efficient cleaning. Wood floors are also the perfect choice for homeowners who want to take advantage of one of new robotic floor cleaning options. 

Potential health benefits

Another important reason to consider replacing existing carpeting with wood flooring is to enjoy a healthier home environment. Carpets, especially those that are older or located in heavy use areas, can become a harbor for many different types of allergens. Additionally, the soft materials used in carpeting absorbs and hold odors and can even become infested with harmful insects, such as fleas and bed bugs.

Families who include one or more members with allergies may find that replacing carpet with wood floors reduces the frequency and severity of their symptoms. Homeowners who are struggling to deal with problem odors, such as stale cigarette smoke, pet odors, or cooking smells, are likely to be impressed with how fresh and clean their home can smell after their carpeting is replaced with wood flooring. 

If you would like to learn more about switching to wood flooring, taking time to discuss your situation with a reputable wood flooring contractor in your area will help you get the answers you need. For more information, reach out to a local company, like New York Hardwood Floors.

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