4 Signs Your Chimney Needs To Be Professional Repaired

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If you have a chimney, it is essential to watch your chimney and ensure that it is working and functioning correctly. A properly functioning chimney is essential for the safety of your home.  

Sign #1: Damaged Walls 

Pay attention to the walls right next to your chimney. If you notice that the wallpaper is starting to look a little damaged and is curling up, you may have water damage in the wall because of moisture coming from the chimney. If the walls are painted, the paint may look like it is bubbling or peeling. These are both signs of water damage, which, if it is occurring next to the chimney, is more than likely due to moisture being released from it.  

Sign #2: Crumbling Masonry 

If you notice crumbling bits of masonry around the chimney base, you notice something called spalling. Spalling occurs when moisture gets into the masonry work, causing parts of the surface to pop or peel off and accumulate at the bottom of the structure. Your chimney is basically being destroyed from the inside out when this starts to occur.  

If you see bits of masonry at the base of your chimney, you are going to want to get it repaired right away. If you wait too long, your chimney could end up destroyed.  

Sign #3: Tile in the Fireplace 

If you notice tile from the chimney ending up inside of your fireplace, you are experiencing shaling. This occurs when the flue lining starts to degrade, and parts of it drop into your fireplace. In this case, you will need to get the flue lining fixed or replaced to protect the integrity of the structure. This is also something that a professional chimney sweep can detect during regular cleaning and inspection.  

Sign #4: Rust 

Your damper and firebox may be made from metal, but they shouldn't develop rust on them. If they start to develop rust, then more than likely, you have excessive moisture building up in your chimney that is causing the rust.  

You will want to get the chimney inspected to see if there is a breach or crack that is letting in the moisture. You are going to want to get the breach repaired before it causes more damage. Rust is often the first sign of water damage with a chimney, and if you act quickly, you can prevent the rust from spreading and ensure that the damage doesn't spread. A breach in the chimney system can also lead to a fire, which is why any signs of rust need to be taken seriously.  

If something about your chimney doesn't look right, you will want to call in a professional to inspect and repair it. Don't ignore damage to your chimney; doing so could put the safety of your home at risk. For more information about residential chimney repair, contact a local company.

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