6 Common Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair Or Replacement

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Your garage is a valuable part of your home. From keeping your car protected to housing important belongings, the door to your garage is often the only thing standing between safety and security and the outside world. 

How can you tell when your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced? Though some problems are apparent, others are not as easy to identify. Read on for common indicators that your garage door needs some attention.

1. It Won't Open or Close

If you continually attempt to operate your garage door with no luck, it's an obvious sign that it's time to take another look or bring a repair specialist out to your home. It may be malfunctioning due to a mechanical issue, a bad connection, power problems, or an environmental interference that has prevented it from working properly. 

2. It's Making Odd Noises

Some garage door noise is acceptable, but any new noises, especially those that sound squeaky, grinding, or unpleasant, indicate an issue with the system. Sometimes, all that is needed is to tighten a loose screw or apply some lubrication to metal components. In other cases, however, odd noises can be a sign that you have a bigger issue on your hands. 

3. It Moves Independently

Does your garage door open by itself? Does it stop before reaching the ground every time you try to close it? Fixing a garage door that moves independently may be as simple as removing an obstruction that has blocked the sensors or as complicated as repairing an electrical issue with its basic mechanisms.

4. The Sensor is Malfunctioning

Sensors are designed to keep your garage door in great condition by preventing obstacles from causing damage to the door, the track, or other parts should they get caught when opening or closing the door. However, if you've cleared the area and cleaned the sensor of dust or debris and your garage door still won't work properly, it may be time to have the sensor inspected for repairs.

5. It Is Off Track

Dust, debris, dirt, insects, and other contaminants can get inside of your garage door track and cause it to dislodge or become misaligned when opening or closing. However, while you may just need to clean and realign your door, a garage door that has gone off the tracks is also a sign that a door may need to be replaced or repaired due to other issues.

6. You Can See Broken or Worn Parts

A thorough inspection and test of your garage system are the fastest ways to discover repair specifics and whether it's time for a battery, weather stripping, sensor, or garage door spring replacement. To ensure a comprehensive examination, it's a good idea to have a professional take a look at your system to ensure you don't miss anything important and can extend the lifespan of your garage door for years to come. A website like https://planooverhead.com/ has more information.

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