Foundation Repairs A Business May Need To Have Done

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The need for major structural repairs to your business's building can be a major issue to encounter. Unfortunately, there are business owners that will not be prepared for the wide variety of issues that could impact their foundation, and this could increase the difficulty that they will face when they are attempting to oversee these important repairs. 

A Foundation That Is Shifting

Soil stability issues can lead to the foundation of your business shifting. As this occurs, it can lead to alignment issues for the building. These issues can grow in severity, and they will eventually compromise the structural integrity of the entire building. By the time you notice alignment issues with the building, substantial damage could have already occurred. If your commercial building's foundation is suffering from these problems, you may be able to alleviate them by using soil stabilization techniques and spreading the weight of the building over a larger area.

Extensive Water Damage To The Concrete

Water damage is another frequent source of issues for foundations. If water pools around the foundation for long periods of time, it can severely weaken the concrete by making it far more brittle. Eventually, the concrete will crack, and this could lead to substantial stability issues developing with the building. In addition to this occurring due to water from rain pooling near the foundation, this could also occur due to a plumbing leak under the slab of concrete. The process of repairing this damage can vary based on the particular severity of the issue. In situations where the damage is largely limited to cracks in the exterior of the concrete, it may be relatively simple to patch. However, this can be far more complicated if the water damage has caused the rebar in the interior of the concrete to corrode. A thorough evaluation will be required to assess the extent of the damage, and the repairs that will be required.

Damage From Large Roots

Large roots can be a very damaging problem for a building's foundation. These roots can be capable of actually growing into the small openings of the concrete and cracking it. Additionally, very large roots growing under the foundation can put a lot of pressure on it. This could also increase the risk of the foundation developing cracks. Installing root barriers can mitigate this potential threat, but cutting down any large plants that are very close to the building can be the most effective solution for reducing this risk.

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