4 Hidden Problems That Often Appear During Bathroom Remodels

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Folks planning bathroom remodeling projects often focus on how beautiful the work is going to be when everything is done. It is fine to be excited about the possibilities, but you should also be aware of how hidden problems may emerge when you start removing fixtures, tiles, drywall, and cabinets. Homeowners should be prepared to address these four possible discoveries during bathroom renovation efforts. 


Bathrooms are subject to lots of heat and humidity. Even if you have an excellent ventilation setup in a bathroom, humidity can promote mold in odd places around the tile, grout, and edges of fixtures. Also, undiscovered leaks in plumbing systems can promote mold behind the walls and under the floors.

While it can be disgusting to discover all of this mold, it's an opportunity to ensure your bathroom will be a healthier space, too. Contractors can remove moldy materials and replace them with clean ones, ensuring the air you breathe will be better.

Plumbing Problems

Especially in older houses, plumbing problems are often present. The issues could be as bad as leaks or as simple as the use of older metal pipes. In very old houses that haven't had recent renovations, there could also be lead.

Generally, a bathroom renovation company can remove all the old and potentially failing components. They can also frequently replace them with modern flexible lines. Not only are these easier to snake through walls and floors, but they generally hold up much better to corrosion.

Electrical Issues

You may also encounter electrical problems during a remodel. For example, there could be older forms of wiring in the walls. In some instances, these may no longer be up to code. Similarly, many older bathrooms don't have ground-fault interrupts, which are necessary safety features that reduce electrocution and fire risks if water splashes onto outlets. You may need to perform significant upgrades on the electrical system if it's out-of-date.

One bonus of this sort of work is that it represents an opportunity to make improvements. You can add more outlets and convert the lights over to more efficient LED systems, for example. Some homeowners go big by adding audio systems and even voice assistance to their bathrooms during the upgrade process.

Structural Damage

The presence of water in bathrooms means there can be undiscovered water damage lurking. In extreme cases, water damage could extend to the structure. If studs and support beams are failing, you'll need to replace those before proceeding with any bathroom remodeling plans.

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