4 Types Of Hardscape Features To Consider For Your Modern Home

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Looking to bring your property up to modern times? If so, working in a nice mix of both hardscape and landscape features can get your property spruced up and looking more contemporary. You will no doubt need hardscape services along the way, which may bring up a question. What types of hardscape features should you consider for the property that surrounds your home? Check out four ways to elevate your property with rock, concrete, and other "hard" elements for an entirely new level of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

1. Paver Stone Patio 

Paver stone patios are created by laying concrete paver stones in a uniform way to cover the ground. Paver stones can create quite a few different looks because there are so many different styles to pick from. You can opt for paver stones that look like: 

  • Natural stones, like limestone or granite 
  • Traditional bricks in different colors 
  • Smooth-surface tiles 

The patio can easily become an extension of your indoor living space with a seamless design that flows from the indoor to the outdoor space. For example, if you have a luxury vinyl plank in the kitchen that looks like tile, you could pick matching paver stones for the patio. 

2. Built-In Fire Pit or Fireplace 

A place for a fire is always a big hit in backyards. However, fire pits and fireplaces that are not built-in can be less stable and more likely to need to be replaced after a few years of use. A hardscape service can actually build a permanent fire pit or fireplace for you to enjoy for years to come. And, when you go with a custom-built implement, you can pick the types of stones that are used, the shape, and other design features. 

3. Retaining Walls 

Retaining walls can be used to take a mostly level or basic landscape and create dimension for more visual appeal. For example, you could create a planting area that surrounds your patio that houses greenery or flowering plants by installing a retaining wall. 

4. Walkways to Outlying Structures 

If you have a detached garage, garden shed, or other structure on your property, adding a walkway can be an excellent way to add visual interest to your yard. For example, a flagstone walkway from the patio that leads to your garden shed adds a certain level of traditional charm. Likewise, a cobblestone walkway that leads to your garage can prevent tracking mud, dirt, or grass clippings into the garage. 

Contact a local hardscape service to learn more. 

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