4 Attributes To Look For In A Steel Distributor For Your Construction Business

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When you own and operate a large-scale construction business, structural steel can be one of your most used materials. Therefore, finding a good steel distributor can be especially important. While most areas have at least one steel distributor within a reasonable range, not all distributors may be capable of serving your large-scale operation. As you assess the distributors in your area that provide the structural steel your business operations need, there are certain attributes to evaluate. Take a look at a few things to consider about a steel distributor to ensure they are the best to partner with as the owner of a construction business.  

How far is the distributor from your usual job sites?

Naturally, one important factor to consider is the proximity between the usual areas where you perform construction jobs and the distributor. While it is fine to partner with a distributor that is several miles away, make sure the distance is not so much that retrieving steel as needed will be problematic. In some situations, traveling to get to a large-scale distributor can be feasible because you will be able to pick up larger loads of material during just one trip. 

How large is the warehouse the steel distributor has on-site?

The larger the warehouse the steel distributor has, the more likely it will be that they keep a hefty amount of stock on-site that can be picked up as needed. Some smaller-scale distributors do not keep a lot of inventory on their premises, which can cause problems when you are in need of materials quickly. 

What other materials does the steel distributor have to offer?

While the main material you may need is structural steel, there may be times when you need other materials as well. In construction, the more materials you can get from one place, the better. Some distributors will provide steel, but they may also provide other materials made of metal as well. For example, some steel distributors offer metal sheeting, metal pipes made of copper or other materials, and metal fasteners.

Does the steel distributor offer delivery services?

When you are in the middle of a construction project, sending someone to pick up a load of steel can require time and valuable resources. Therefore, if you can find a steel distributor that offers delivery to your job site for a reasonable price, this is always a good service to have. Talk to any company you are considering for your needs and discuss how orders are handled and whether they can be delivered. 

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