Regular Maintenance And Quick Repairs Help Your New Steel Garage Door Have A Long Life

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If you've recently had a new steel garage door installed, you'll probably want it to last a long time and maintain its attractive appearance. If you take good care of your door, you can prevent some problems and reduce the number of repairs the door needs. Still, your door will probably need to be serviced occasionally since some of the parts wear down faster than others. Here are helpful details to know about your new steel garage door. 

The Springs Wear Out Faster The More They're Used

The garage door springs work hard to raise your door. This wears them out over time. The springs in your new door are rated by the number of cycles they can be opened and closed. If you use your door frequently instead of using your entry door, you'll have to replace the springs much sooner than if you rarely use the door. If you want to put off getting new springs, consider changing your habits to use your entry door more often.

The Owner's Manual Outlines Maintenance Needs

Garage door brands differ in the way they're made and work. Keep your owner's manual handy so you know exactly how to maintain your door properly. You may need to lubricate tracks and other parts of the door. Your manual should tell you how often and what lubricants to use. The manual can also help you troubleshoot small problems that arise.

The Door's Appearance Requires Care

Wash your door occasionally with mild soapy water and a garden hose. Avoid pressure washing unless you use low pressure so you don't chip off paint. Washing keeps dirt and stains away so your door looks clean and fresh.

Since steel can rust, you'll want to watch for rust spots. If you see any, sand them down and apply a rust inhibitor or primer to keep the rust from spreading. You may need to paint your door after several years to keep it looking nice.

Repairs Should Be Done Promptly

A garage door is heavy, so it's difficult and unsafe to make DIY repairs. Instead, call a garage door repair company when your door malfunctions or starts to make loud noises. If you use a door that has a problem, the spring might be damaged or the door could jump the track, and then you'll have even more repairs to make.

If you follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines and have repairs done when needed, your new garage door should provide your family with several years of service.

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